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BetOnline Down?

Is BetOnline down for anyone?
I just made a deposit via bitcoin because I found a bet I love, but now when I try to access the site, the page doesn't load up and I get the message "You do not have permission to view this directory or page"
This is on mobile if it makes a difference
Update: It works when I use incognito mode. Thoughts on why that is?
Update: Incognito no longer works. Their twitter said IT is working on it. That was 9 hours ago. 1 hour ago they tweeted that they have technical difficulties and hope to have it up soon. Unfortunately no ETA
Update: Comments made by others have links to A) a possible $50 free roll once the site is running, and B) a BetOnline tweet saying they are under a cyber attack. Not sure what to make of this. Hopefully bankrolls and information are secure
Update: Site is back up, but for me at least, I can only view the help page
Update: Dave Mason has tweeted that funds are safe and pending wagers will be graded. Still no ETA
5:45 PM EST Update: BOL sent out an email saying the site will likely be down throughout the weekend. The Mega Contest and Survivor Contest will exclude week 6 and continue in week 7
8:30 PM EST Update: BetOnline tweets out they have made "significant progress" in the last 24hrs. Hope to provide an ETA soon in r 10 PM EST Update: BOL tweets all funds are safe and pending wagers will be graded. " (@betonline_ag) Tweeted: We are happy to update the following commonly asked questions:
  1. All player balances and funds are 100% safe and secure
  2. All pending wagers are still valid
We are rapidly working on an overall solution and hope to have one for you ASAP."
Thank you again for your patience.
Update: BOL tweets out that they expect all services to be live at some point today
Update: BOL is back online. Not mobile as of now I believe
Edit: Thanks for the award! I don't mind posting any updates I find. I'm just a local degen anxious about when it comes online. All in this together!
Update: They sent an email out with a loyalty bonus 1) A 100% deposit bonus (I nvr take the bonus bc of the rollover) 2) $100 free bet on Bucs v Raiders spread or total. Must be more than $10 wager. A loss will be refunded but those funds will be under a 3x Rollover requirement. If the game is postponed there will be a diff game chosen for the promo in week 8 3) $25 bet pretty much easy money. Bet is for all 3 Thanksgiving day games to combine for over 9 points at even odds.
Must be sure to opt in to the promo beforehand. Check your email. Click the image and enter your acct number to opt in
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My experience with betonline….

So I have tried several books in the past, and I understand the risks and process of the entire thing online. seems to have fantastic ratings from several sites so I decided to create an account. Things went alright at first, winning wagers were placed back in the account balance within minutes of a game ending.

THEN came the payout process.
Suddenly, I'm now blocked from a payout via a rollover requirement.....which I'm thinking is extremely odd as I should have easily met a x6 requirement by now.

I am aware of rollover requirements and whatnot when accepting freeplay and I'm also intelligent enough to read the multiplier amount for it. However, the number betonline came up with came straight from their a$s as the promos I signed up for were a (x6).....I ended up with a rollover in excess of (x32!!!!). After talking to several of their sketchy customer service reps over TWO WEEKS to get this false rollover amount reduced to their own original terms, I was convinced they weren't going to do it. First guy said rollover cannot be canceled (not what I wanted). Second lady said I'll submit the request to a manager. Third guy said it's being taken care of. Fourth guy said it cannot be done and I'm wasting my time. Fifth guy FINALLY came through for me and my rollover was cancelled (not reduced to the x6 I signed up for) however, they now deducted my freeplay winnings and would assess a $25 fee on any withdrawal type that was otherwise free. This is the single most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of from a professional book, and a true sign you're probably dealing with a shady organization.

By this point I'm so fed up I go straight to the cashier tab and try to withdrawal my winnings....didn't expect it to be easy and it wasn' say the least.

Submitted a payout via Bitcoin (in theory that SHOULD be the fastest method of payout with the least amount of verification slowing it down).
Four days after submitting the payout request I get an email telling me I need to email back and verify that the payout request was made by me and verifying the method to do so. No problem. Emailed them back. However, THEIR email provider is now blocking my address so I need to call them or chat. Of course when I call NO ONE knows what I'm talking about until I get transferred around the office for an hour while being placed on hold. One girl tells me to cancel the transaction now as it's no longer valid and to resubmit by payout request again, the second guy I talk to says it's still good and that won't be necessary. So I take the cautionary side and cancel the request and resubmit it.....wait three more days for it in process and guess what??? IT'S CANCELED. Not my own doing, now someone in their own network canceled the payout request.

By this point I'm fairly certain I'm not getting paid and just going to have to bite the bullet. So I pickup the phone and call them again (this is the 11th call/chat I've had since initially requesting the payout by the point). I'm clearly pissed off by this point as EVERY time I call I have to reexplain that I can't verify my details via email because of the provider problem, and then explain that they instructed me to cancel the first time and they themselves canceled the second time.

Look at my crypto balance this morning and HOLY COW, they actually paid me.

There are people that defend this site, and I'm not sure if they work there or not but this has been THEE single biggest joke of a process I've ever been involved it for a "professional" book. NEVER again.
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